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Princess Peach hentai game


This is a hentai game called “Peach’s Mushroom Hunt”, and it’s a free hentai parody sex game where you play Peach in a sidescrolling adventure where she fucks her enemies if she’s being touched by them. The game is still in progress, but you can download the full “World 1″ game on the artist’s website.
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Witchcraft 2 animated hentai game


Here’s something nice for you guys! This is an animated hentai game, in english, where you play a sexy purple-haired girl that battles demons and monsters in sexual ways.
This hentai game is called “Witchcraft 2″, and it’s partly battle sex and partly RPG. You walk around amongst villages and other places, collecting and buying items [...]


Cute hentai game with a sexy succubus


Hentai games comes in all kinds of genres. One of the more rare styles however, is platform hentai games. But they exist! And one really cute and sexy hentai platform game, is called “Lost Hearts”, and is a game series featured exclusively on Ero-Mania.

So in this game series, you play the sexy little succubus Mari. [...]